music videos

Christiane Rösinger – Eigentumswohnung Die erste Single aus dem neuen Christiane Rösinger Album „Lieder ohne Leiden“. Produziert von Andreas Spechtl. Video: Sophie Hein und Lucian Busse alien tv 2017

Moon’s Mallow– Extraversion – videoclip Gioia Coppola – Vocals/12 Strings Guitar, Luis Marino – Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Michele Rossiello – Bass, Leila Isaac – Drums/Percussion/Vocals, Video by Lucian Busse & Anna Jantke-Busse – Alien TV 2021

Oum Shatt – Off to St Pete – Videoclip by Fehmi Baumbach and Lucian Busse, produced by Alien TV 2024

Wichswut – BICA – videoclip taken from the selftitled EP, out on
 music’s not for everyone records vinyl and digital release Video by Lucian Busse – Alien TV 2017

Leben oder Streben – Die Türen Video by Lucian Busse – Alien TV 2012

Wichswut – On The Motorway video by Lucian Busse Alien TV and Wichswut
Die Türen Rentner und Studenten /Pensioners and students – engl subtitled, concept and realisation: Markus Fiedler and Die Türen, presenter: Nina Sonnenberg, Video by Lucian Busse, translation: Alice Legaay, an Alien TV/Staatsakt Co-Production 2011
Navel- Vomiting live video by Lucian Busse, shot 2007 in Paris and Brighton
Ulrich Schnauss – Between us and them directed by Sofie Hein, camera and editing Lucian Busse, music by Ulrich Schnauss UFONICS 2001

Lucyhoneychurch – Lost beyond recall taken from the Berlinized Soundtrack „longing and belonging“, music by Sofie Hein, video by Lucian Busse and Sofie Hein,  Alien TV Production 2014
available on Vinyl on Darling Berlin: digital:

SWIMMING – WAGNER & POHL video by Lucian Busse and Sofie Hein, produced by  alien tv 2008
Zetai Shinjitakunai – Wagner & Pohl videoclip – Deutsche Bands singen ihre Songs auf japanisch. Wagner & Pohl Dress by SARAH HEARTBO video by alien tv 2007
Jeff Mills – Life cycle Remix one of the very early Jeff Mills videos, directed by Lucian Busse & Andreas Eichhorst, produced by BIT Production Berlin, Tresor records 1998
Britta – Lichtjahre voraus – Videoclip
directing and camera by Sofie Hein, camera and editing by Lucian Busse
ufonics films 2003
Lost beyond recall – Lucyhoneychurch Remix by Oliver Peter taken from the BERLINIZED SEXY an EIS soundtrack album „Berlinized – longing and belonging“. Video directed by LUCIAN BUSSE & SOFIE HEIN, proced by alien tv 2012